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Forum City market hall in Yekaterinburg

21 februari 2019

Levsnb forumcity 19 1aa

This spring the construction of the Forum City Market Hall will start. Based on the historical open market that used to exist on the site this new urban retail concept will be introduced here. The building, flooded by daylight, will literally merge Forum City with the existing luxury shopping mall. The terraces of a restaurant and a bakery will welcome visitors on the one side, on the other a brewery will mark a second entrance. In-between there is a one-hundred-meter-long passage, two floors high, connected by bridges and flanked by a variety of food booths, another restaurant, bars, a coffee corner and book shop. Halfway, the convertible podium offers place for events and exposure. It is fitted into a niche of the existing building of which the classic outside façade becomes an inside structure, partly reconstructed to make old and new clearly visible. The rounded triangle shape of the towers’ footprints comes back in several forms: as shape of the freely rising stairs, as footprint of the booths and in the window art work of the childcare on the first floor which will also be visible from the square outside.

Client: Forum Group