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Island masterplan

The brain, heart and lungs of an urban peninsula

Island masterplan, Ufa, Russia

On the southern end of Ufa, an industrial capital in the southern Ural, lies a green peninsula between the region’s two main rivers: Ufa and Belaya. It’s a compact headland with green banks and generous views towards Siberia. LEVS has made the design for an ambitious new urban centre on the peninsula. We combine a lively programme with the natural qualities of the site.

Central axis

To preserve the great natural quality of the peninsula’s waterfront, we connect the island along a central axis. The blocks lining the axis alternate in size and position, while embracing the central axis. The building blocks open up towards the banks with inner gardens that offer views over the water towards the city centre and the surrounding nature. Alternating low and high-rise create an intimate urban atmosphere, ending in a spacious public square by the water.

Thinking of San Gimignano

The mixed programme consists of 300,000 m2 of residential, commercial and educational space. Instead of building volumes of a consistent mid-size height, we diversify the skyline, in a way reminiscent of the Italian town of San Gimignano: base volumes of up to 6 storeys, with hight accents in the towers of 14 storeys. This way, the street level experience becomes relatable and understandable while still fitting a dense programme. The towers offer views over the city and the Ural.

Turning cars into trees

Who does not prefer green promenades and public squares over car parks. By pushing all the necessary parking spaces underground, we open up spaces above-ground for pedestrians and cyclists, trees and parks. And by centering all traffic on the inside of the island, the river banks become a beautiful public oasis of peace and leisure, where residents and visitors can walk, cycle and play. The building blocks open up towards the banks with open courtyards.


First Trest
24.9 ha with apartments (250,000 m2 sellable area), underground parking, offices (30,000 m2), retail (10,000 m2), fitness (5,000 m2), cafés (1,500 m2), school and kindergartens (3,500 m2)
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
Anna Igumnova, Viktoriia Tverdokhlib, Alexandra Predeina, Anna Borisova
Ufa, Russia
2020 –
S&P Architektura Krajobrazu