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Careful braiding, exciting living

Tricotage, Veenendaal

The residential, commercial and cultural centre ‘Tricotage’ stands right in the hart of the new town centre at the main square. It forms the centre of the new district Brouwerspoort together with the 'Cultuurfabriek' The wide variety of the surrounding architecture and its rich industrial history are processed along with the complex program with different functions into a fine ‘knitwear’ - the meaning of Tricotage.

Complexe stapeling

Three expressive buildings of this complex hem this square at the south side: Spectrum with the striking ballet hall as a round eye-catcher on the left side, the monumental building with café and restaurant in the middle and the characteristic flamboyant corner building with a double-height shop entrance. Along the new canal residential and retail properties adapt to the existing shopping streets and passages of town. Below the block is a three-storey public car park.

Culturele hotspot

Spectrum combines a music school, a People’s University and an adjacent movie-theatre. Besides optimal classrooms Spectrum has three special halls: a multipurpose hall and an ensemble room on ground level at the public foyer and a ballet hall on top floor. They provide space for open stage, festivals, shows, exhibitions or lectures.

Rustige binnenwereld

Around the block shops, restaurants and other amenities at ground level create an urban atmosphere. Below the block is a three-storey public car park. At the same time, this central location is ideally suited as a residential area. On the upper floor there is a rich variety of apartments around two compact and intimate courtyards, combining the dynamic outside world with a quiet and small inner world.


AM, Gemeente Veenendaal
2,600 m2 cultural centre Spectrum with music school, facilitative education and cinema, 5,900 m2 of shops, 87 apartments and 500 underground parking spaces
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
Harvey Otten, Lex van Waarden, Ulf Bjällerstedt, Femke Kamp, René Konijn, Martijn Tjassens Keiser, Daan Goedhart, Irene van Diepenbos
2005 – 2013
Trebbe Groep / Welling Bouw
Common Affairs
Raoul Suermondt, LEVS architecten