LEVS Zilv02

The Silverling

Expressive tower among the trees

The Silverling, Amsterdam

De Zilverling in Amsterdam is een imposante zilveren reus van vijftien verdiepingen aan de rand van het Eendrachtspark, het groene scharnier tussen de westelijke tuinsteden Slotermeer en Geuzenveld. De bewezen waarden van de tuinsteden, licht, lucht, ruimte, zijn hier vertaald naar een hedendaags gebruik met riante balkons en een landschappelijke inpassing van de parkeergarage onder een groene heuvel.

Spectaculair entree

Prominent incisions in the hill at street level shape the entrance to the building and garage. The tower is also accessible via the elevated garden on top of the garage. Inside, the two levels are merged with a double-layered entrance hall composed of large lofts and noteworthy vistas and views.

Rationeel én expressief

The project is set up with five apartments per floor, adding up to a total of 68 houses for both the public and private rental sector. The supporting structure is an orthogonal design that facilitates straightforward stacking, efficient use of space, and reduction of costs. The aluminium shell that voluptuously envelops the tower gives it its expressive character. This shell also creates the generously protruding balconies, where even the residents of the apartments facing north-east can enjoy the sun in mornings and late afternoons. The main supporting structure and undulating outer shell merge together into an integrated design.


The monumental stairs have been complemented with a remarkable piece of artwork by Martijn Sandberg. Here, an attentive passer-by will be able to read: “The key can be found under the doormat.”

Innovatieve felsgevel

At first glance, De Zilverling’s elegantly detailed façade with an artisanal appearance seems to be accomplished with a zinc standing seam system. Whereas actually, it is an innovative pre-fabricated façade-system that makes use of curved FalZinc profiles sheets. FalZinc is an aluminium sheet patinated on both sides with a 5 µm top layer of zinc. This system, developed by LEVS in cooperation with the façade constructor, is an innovative, aesthetic, sustainable, and cost-effective manner to incorporate zinc in our designs.


FarWest, Rochdale-Projectontwikkeling
68 apartments, 57 parking places
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
Stefan Lippert, Jelle van der Veen, Axel van Leeuwen, Irene van Diepenbos
2006 – 2012
Bouwbedrijf M.J. de Nijs en Zonen
Marcel van der Burg, LEVS architecten, Jannes Linders