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Schalkstad South Strip

Vibrant residential waterfront area

Schalkstad South Strip, Haarlem

LEVS architecten and Ontwikkelcombinatie Schalkstad Zuid have been working on the Schalkstad Zuidstrook project since 2016. What started as a small intervention on the site has grown into an ambitious and complex urban transformation that intertwines the built environment with the social fabric of the city.

Revitalisation of Schalkwijk shopping centre

The plan is part of the revitalisation of the Schalkwijk shopping centre: a monofunctional 'shopping centre' turns into a multifunctional 'district centre'. A living room for the district with commercial, cultural and social facilities and housing. A place to meet and stay. A place where all Schalkwijk residents feel at home.

Compact ensemble with cultural heart

Within JCAU's masterplan, Schalkstad Zuidstrook Haarlem forms an urban ensemble of three towers and two building blocks close to the city centre. On the north side of the residential park is the central market square, which together with the new market hall will become the beating heart for Schalkwijk. Cultural events and music concerts can be organised here. The commercial spaces in the plinth are connected with the dynamics of this square. The form of a continuous arcade in the two northern blocks also provides an attractive connection to the square.

The ensemble is compact in design. Yet the buildings with their light brick facades stand relaxed in the greenery. The residential towers on the south side are beautifully situated on a wide pond in a leafy setting.

Sturdy architecture

Architecturally, the five buildings of the new development are very coherent, but they also differ from one another. The two buildings on the square fit in with the urban architecture around the square and have a more classical structure with two colours of brickwork. The three towers on the waterfront are part of a series of buildings in the green fringe that appeal less to the city centre. A subtle articulation in height with brick and aluminium cladding divides the towers into foot, trunk and crown sections without losing the coherence of the tower itself. This subtly nuances the height of the buildings. The three different colours of brickwork make each building unique and give the whole a warm appearance.

Flexible programme

The structure of the buildings has a large measure of flexibility to accommodate a variable programme from 6-spans to 8-spans. All dwellings will be connected to a ground-coupled heat exchanger system. The buildings partly stand on an underground (bicycle) parking garage that lies under the northern part of the site. Between the towers are green habitats with a natural waterfront bank. The landscape between the buildings is public green and flows seamlessly into the green and water structure that runs throughout Schalkwijk.


Ontwikkelcombinatie Schalkstad Zuid (HBB Groep, Hoorne Vastgoed)
528 rental apartments, of which 110 social, 254 medium-priced and 164 free sector, 800 m² commercial plinth, underground parking garage
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
Ron Bruin, David Meijer, Bart Beentjes, Martijn Tjassens Keiser, Anna Igumnova
2016 –
Jo Coenen Architects & Urbanists
Artist impressions