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Living among the trees

ROOT, Eindhoven

Our ambitious design for a nature-inclusive residential building is going to be a connecting link between living and greenery in Eindhoven's Mensfort neighborhood.

The symbiotic city

Due to its round shape, we can realize a number of great qualities with one powerful gesture: preservation of almost all the old trees on the plot, panoramic balconies and windows along the stretched outer facade and intimacy in a spacious courtyard garden. With sturdy wooden terrace zones that float above the surrounding park, we create a transition zone between inside and outside. A symbiotic relationship is created between the people, animals, insects, plants and urban culture of the environment.

Connecting urban green spaces

ROOT is located in a central spot in Eindhoven’s Mensfort neighborhood: adjacent to the green heart of the district and the junction of three district routes, various building types meet here. Along the smooth curved line of the volume, we design a transition zone between those different types of environments. Moreover, this creates two worlds: a public city park and a collective courtyard for residents. BOOM Landscape made the landscape design for both, in which the existing old trees could also remain. Walking paths connect the park with the surrounding area. Around the inner garden, all the houses are accessed by wide galleries, where the sunlight penetrates from above, and which hang slightly above the garden. This creates seating areas where intimacy and tranquility can be enjoyed.

The wooden framework

On the outside, the facades open up with wide green terraces. Halfway up the wall, the dark accent of the maisonettes with roof terraces form a subtle fourth layer. At the northern end, the curved walls come together in a passageway to the green courtyard.

De gridstructuur in de gevel refereert aan het lijnenspel in de omliggende wederopbouw architectuur. Als een flexibel skelet buigt de houten structuur mee met het ronde volume, terwijl de vele verticale lijnen de kleinschalige verpanding benadrukken. De vierde laag is een subtiel accent van zwart gekleurde houten gevelbekleding. De verspringende houten ribben zorgen tevens voor extra privacy en zijn een knipoog naar de nieuwere omliggende hoogbouw met eveneens dynamische gevelindelingen.

Living among the trees

The choice of materials reinforces the feeling of 'living among the trees'. This can be felt everywhere: on the airy, vegetated balconies, under the pergolas, inside the bright homes, along the lively galleries and in the natural courtyard garden. The floating balconies also make use of the elevation in the ground level, which is created by the semi-sunken parking garage, to create a feeling of distance and privacy.


6.750 m² GFA with 56 medium-priced and free sector owner-occupied residences, multifunctional meeting place, underground parking and bicycle storage
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof, Christiaan Schuit, Surya Steijlen
Hilmar Goedhart, Sunny Jessurun, Marijn Luijmes, Swati Hegde
2020 –
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BOOM Landscape
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