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Living in a creative hotspot

Rock, Etten-Leur

Nowadays, young adults increasingly choose social gathering and sharing services rather than ownership and privacy. The new apartment building offers such a living environment, safe and with a multitude of places for different housing and living qualities.

Housing desires change

Just like in a familiar neighbourhood, the apartments are located at a dynamic square and an intimate street, around a lively urban garden or above the corner café with views over the town. Also, inside the apartment you have choices. All homes of mainly 40-50 m² have a carefully designed floor plan with a lot of layout variation.

A building that connects

The building stands directly at the station square, where it forms a striking accent with seven floors. On the south side, it has a pleasant three-story scale that matches the residential neighbourhood. Contrary to what was outlined in the tender, the long volume has been cut open to create a landscaped square with a semi-public character. Here a new walking route crosses from the station to the residential area behind. This creates a dynamic meeting place for passers-by and enterprising residents who have their workspaces around this neighbourhood square. The green of the square is drawn inward as a series of ‘green rooms’ and it also folds around the building. Enriching flora and fauna is an essential part of the landscape concept.

A welcoming inside world

At the north corner there is the ‘neighbourhood living room’, a double-height space with inviting large fronts towards the station square where local residents are also welcome. The young residents can work or eat here while the washing machine is running in the background. A little further on, you can see via high fronts the climate-adaptive courtyard where the plants are planted in open ground. Thus, the space will be attractive and usable every season. Daylight through the roof and the square façade invites residents for a game of table tennis and other activities. Rest can be found in the intimate, broad living street in the southern block. Here the stairs descend like a serene waterfall and skylights and large voids lead daylight in every corner.


Hazenberg Design & Build
75 apartments, of which four work-homes for young entrepreneurs up to thirty years, neighbourhood living room
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
Christiaan Schuit, Daan Goedhart, Dora Ramuscak, Marijn Luijmes, Sunny Jessurun
2020 – 2022
Hazenberg Bouw
Woningcorporatie Alwel (uitschrijver selectie)
Landscape design
Studio BLAD
Artist impressions