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Residential ensemble for the ages

Robijnhof, Leiden

The Robijnhofensemble is being created in the Hoge Mors district of Leiden. Besides five psychogeriatric residential groups with room for 40 elderly people in need of care, 120 life-proof flats with a communal area and 15 single-family houses will be built.

Living in a park

The flats are spread over three staggered, villa-like volumes of five and six layers with views to the water beyond. The villas will soon stand in a park-like setting on an underground car park.

Residential care as part of the neighbourhood

The design for Robijnhof has three architectural atmospheres with a warmly coloured brick as the connecting element. The terraced dwellings and the single-storey PG building fit into the existing district in terms of scale. The care groups are placed around a protected courtyard. At the same time, each group has an outdoor space adjacent to the public area. In this way, the residents do not become isolated and naturally remain part of life in the neighbourhood. Subtle volume leaps, small height differences and rounded corners make the low building soft and dynamic. Just as dynamic are the facades of the apartment villas, staggered balconies and special masonry bandages that enhance the all-sided character.

Phased implementation

The project will be developed in phases. First, the existing care centre will make way for the construction of the three apartment villas. The residents of the existing residential centre will move here, after which that part will also be redeveloped, followed by the construction of the PG units and single-family homes.


Design & Build met M.J. de Nijs Projectontwikkeling voor Altera Vastgoed en Stichting Libertas Leiden
120 life-course apartments, 15 single family homes, 5 psychogeriatric residential groups for 40 elderly, underground parking garage
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
Marco Rats, Ingeborg van Lent, Mark Gijsbers, Olga Pedryc, Daan Goedhart, Ilias Kerkeni
2017 – 2024