LEVS Parkstad 01 min

Parkstad Block S

Sturdy architecture, social living

Parkstad Block S, Rotterdam

LEVS made the design for Parkstad Blok S, the building block that will be on the edge of the new Parkstad neighbourhood in the district Rotterdam Zuid. The block is therefore part of a larger urban development in Rotterdam Zuid, under the influence of the National Program Rotterdam Zuid and Feyenoord City. It will connect urban development to the existing adjacent Tweebos neighbourhood.

Height accent

The tower and the block with access gallery are oriented to an important traffic connection in Rotterdam Zuid. The other houses are located on one existing and two new residential streets. Here block S is adjacent to the park. Due to the adjacent dike, the ground level in the residential streets is 1.8 meters higher than at the corner of the ensemble. The tower has 15 floors with a weave pattern in the entire façade, making it a height accent in the larger area.

Collective garden

In the middle of the universally oriented block, sheltered from the street, there is a court with private gardens and a communal garden where the residents can meet. There is also a two-storey, semi-recessed parking facility with an open deck with an overgrown pergola. The plinth of the gallery block provides space for a social use, a hospitality facility and other communal functions.

Round corners

The outer facade is made of one expressive brick. The stone is incorporated horizontally and vertically in a braid pattern and gives the tower a universal, moving skin. The rising ground level and variations in façade image and roof edge heights provide the façade with a characteristic articulation. In addition to ensuring a smooth cohesion, the round, closed corners refer to the beveled corners that are often used in the area. These corners bind the volume together as do the continuous façade tapes and eaves.


17.600 m² with 137 homes for social rent of which 113 apartments and 24 detached houses, half deepened car park of two floors, 400m² commercial space
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
Daan Goedhart, Juul Reusen, Sunny Jessurun, Natalia Yakovleva, Dennis Meijerink
2018 –
Remmers Bouwgroep
Urban plan
Palmbout Urban Landscapes