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Nieuw Develstein

Affordable family homes

Nieuw Develstein, Amsterdam

In the D-neighbourhood of Amsterdam-Zuidoost, LEVS designs 262 apartments for medium-term rent on behalf of SAREF and Ten Brinke Group. Affordable living is here not about studios, but about (family) homes with two, three and four rooms, varying between 65 and 90 m². Various residential buildings with a great diversity of housing typologies form together a new ensemble around a beautiful green court.

Connection to the surrounding

We are always looking for opportunities outside the limits of a task. In this design, the rich connection to the environment, the open approach to the semi-public courtyard is the strength of the design. Living and meeting are central. The large double-height entrance halls of the high-rise along the existing avenue are directly connected to the court. The detached apartment buildings demonstrate that living around it has many qualities if properly positioned.


Wink to the Bijlmermeer flats

The scale of the project is appropriate for this city district. The architecture also emphatically seeks the detail and refinement to fulfill the experience of a pleasant living environment. The honeycomb pattern in the masonry is a nod to the old Bijlmermeer flats.



SAREF, Ten Brinke
26.300 m² with 262 medium-rent apartments with two, three and four rooms, varying between 65 and 90 m², underground parking
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
Marco Rats, Ulf Bjällerstedt, Ingeborg van Lent, Timea Sandor, Ilias Kerkeni
2016 – 2023
Ten Brinke Groep
Landscape design
LODEWIJK BALJON landschapsarchitecten