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Komsomolskiy Plot 2

New tower silhouette for Tomsk

Komsomolskiy Plot 2, Tomsk, Russia

LEVS is designing two residential blocks with three 75 meter high towers at one of the three main avenues of the Russian city of Tomsk, close to the city centre. The plot, which has been an industrial area in the past, is now a blind spot in the neighbourhood mainly characterized by wild, uncultivated greenery. The design with 600 apartments, 2,000 m² of shops at ground floor level and a cascaded underground parking garage will add vibrant urban energy to the area and will be recognized from all over the city due to the three-tower-silhouette.

Landscaped oasis on roof tops

In our urban concept the two blocks define the corners of the urban grid and outline the plot that slopes by 8 meters. Between them there is a slightly triangle public square with landscaped elements that invite the neighbourhood to join the dynamic street life and initiate local activities. Uniquely for Tomsk are the semi-public roof tops of the two blocks. This landscaped oasis offers relaxing and workout areas and even a sports field for all residents. There are also elevated playgrounds adjacent to the kindergartens located in the two towers. Other informal meeting points for the residents are the double-high sky gardens in each tower and the two green courtyards with private terraces around a semi-public landscape.

Architectural grid

Inspired by the façades of stacked ‘Dutch’ houses in New York, former New Amsterdam, the long facades and also the towers are divided into ‘thin houses’ to bring down the large scale of the blocks. Three colours of masonry, light concrete and glass are the main ingredients for the architectural grid. The literal highlights are the crowns at the three towers that will be enlightened at night.

Housing typology of many kinds

In order to answer the question of the housing market, LEVS developed on special request of the client a concept with a variety of floorplans based on the typical Dutch housing typology. The result are more than 70 different floorplans with flexible, futureproof layouts. One of the types are the duplex-houses, originally a Russian concept, that introduce on ground floor level a private entrance at the street side and a terrace in the courtyard. Another special type are the two floor high apartments in the towers that will be used as office-at-home apartments.


TDSK (Tomsk House Building Company)
600 apartments (39,000 m² sellable area), 2,000 m² commercial space, 2 layers of underground parking
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
Anna Igumnova, Natalia Yakovleva, Irina Margarit, Alexandra Predeina, Daria Nevskaia, Ivan Shkurko
Tomsk, Russia
2017 –
Landscape design
S&P Architektura Krajobrazu
Artist impressions