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Impulse for rural quality of life

Kaleidoskoop, Nieuwkoop

In many villages in the Netherlands basic facilities disappear. With Kaleidoskoop (Kaleidoscope), a residential building with care and cultural facilities, a special program is created with the intention to enhance the viability of the village.

Appartementen voor lichte tot zware zorg

The heart of the building is the Kulturhus (a house of culture) with a multipurpose hall, café-restaurant, library and information counters. Kaleidoscope is a residential building where all forms of customized care are possible, from a light to a very difficult degree. The focus lies on the residential function, for residents in the apartments, but also in the three special group homes for psycho-geriatric residents that are located on the ground floor at the courtyard.

Recreëren, ontmoeten, leren en informeren

The Kulturhus is the daily meeting place for all residents from Kaleidoskoop and from the village, young and old. It is located on the ground floor and exudes accessibility for everyone. In the 70 m long, open area the designated spaces for the different functions blend into one another. The multi-purpose hall in the middle offers space for a broad cultural program including film and theater, but also the service for residents on Sunday. Integrating the multi-purpose hall, which can withstand a noise pressure up of 100 dBA, in a residential building was a complex technical challenge.

Innovatieve rietgevel

The building with its huge program is carefully fitted into the small village by the articulation of the facades and the variety in façade materials. Inspired by the reeds in the surroundings the design is made with an innovative façade of this traditional material. It is the first reed façade in the Netherlands with a fire certificate.


Woningstichting Nieuwkoop, Latei projectontwikkeling
8,000 m² residential with care (3 PG living groups, day care and temporary nursing units, 52 somatic residences and care homes), 2,000 m² Kulturhus (multifunctional hall, library, café-restaurant and information desks)
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
Lian van de Ven, Ulf Bjällerstedt, Femke Kamp,Jasper Selten, René Konijn, Marcia de Groot
2007 – 2012
J.P. van Eesteren TBI Bouw
Marcel van der Burg, LEVS architecten