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Lifelong learning

IT Factory, Zwolle

The IT Factory at the Zwartewaterallee in Zwolle is a compact, flexible business building organized around two atria. This is where the new generation of IT companies, startups and flexible workplaces come together, as well as the companies that organize ‘a lifelong learning’ for the -future- labor market. The building has a flexible shell with a ‘BREEAM Good’ potential. It is not a ‘cast in concrete’ solution for one user, but flexible in layout and in energy consumption and fully demountable engineered.


Together with the client and potential users, we have developed various scenarios for the use of the building to optimally stimulate encounters. From entrepreneur, student and presenter of new concepts to the promotion of new products. Who is there when in a day and for how long? Where do you meet and how can space be used twice?

Iedereen een eigen interieur

On the one hand, the building has a no-nonsense appearance due to the robustness of the shell. On the other hand, it has a striking facade that captures and reflects the movement of light and reflects the optimism of time. LEVS has designed a toolbox for the interior that allows cohesion and individuality of future companies. Warm materials and nuanced use of color determine the atmosphere.


Junco, ontwikkelaar: Kreator Groep Zwolle
7,100 m² ICT-campus for education and business
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
Mijke Rood, Surya Steijlen, Thomas Wellink, Olga Pedryc, Eerde van Leeuwen