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Huis Marseille

Two monuments, one photomuseum

Huis Marseille, Amsterdam

Huis Marseille, museum for photography, is doubled in size. First the project started as a simple extension with the neighbouring property, but it stranded a few years later with a stalemate between the commission for preservation and the fire department. How do you connect two historic buildings in the World Heritage ‘Channels of Amsterdam’ in a subtle way to one museum, without damaging the soul of the individual monuments? LEVS used an integrated approach: let the characteristic buildings speak themselves, architectural and technical interventions are subordinated to this subject.

Drie verlichte sneden

The connections between the buildings are minimal and statically positioned so that there is a natural routing through the museum. The three passages are made as clear, eased off which clearly mark the boundary of the two property characteristics. The rooms have a subtle colour scheme for the different ceilings changing per floor. But the colour also refer to the other building. The new retail and office space feature monumental, high-gloss white furniture that support the space and reflect light.

Scharlakenrode stijlkamer

The biggest highlight of the museum extension is a Louis XIV-style room from the early 18th century. This hall was painted in different colours throughout the decades. Among the top, cream-colored coat, olive green, earthy and scarlet pigments were detected. For this last red colour there is virtually no reference room to find in the Netherlands. Together with the monument commission the choice has been made to bring back this red colour.


Stichting Monumenten Keizersgracht 399-401
Expansion, renovation and restoration of the museum for fotography in 2 national monuments in the Amsterdam Canal district, 1,900 m²
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
Daan Goedhart, Ingeborg van Lent
2011 – 2014
Aannemingsbedrijf H.J. Jurriaans Restauratie
Galjema, LBP|Sight, Strackee, ngnb advocaten