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The Court

A crowned urban accent

The Court, 's-Hertogenbosch

Apartment-building Het Hof creates a striking urban accent in the Palace Quarter of the city of Den Bosch. Its position marks the new throughway that leads past the ‘Paleisbrug’ into the city center. This versatile building knows many faces. Within a mix of for-sale and rental apartments, the atmospheres vary from intimate to metropolitan. There are the back-to-back homes with views over the green court, the boulevard or the large pond, there are the generously sunny walkway-homes and the penthouses in the crown, high above the city.

Variatie aan woningen

A sum total of 40,000 m² has been intricately molded to fit into a compact building, that contains almost 40 different floorplans. This density of over 260 households on 5,500 m² of land matches inner city proportions. Offices and cafes on the ground floor generate a lively atmosphere at street level. Parking spaces are locat-ed on two underground floors below the semi-public courtyard, that is accessed from three sides. Geothermal installations are equally installed below the courtyard.

Twee kleuren metselwerk

The plan’s architecture is layered, using a playful mix of two colors of brickwork that jump back and forth along the different aspects of the facade; bright on the inside, dark on the outside. It contributes to a stronger, fortress-like character on the outside and a softer, calmer one on the inside. Numerous balconies on all sides enrich the sculptural qualities of the volume. Strong vertical bands lead the onlooker to the proud crown that tops the tower.

De 'kroon'

The crown’s merlons have been covered in a layer of bronze to create a golden reflection. Evening lights have been in-stalled below the upper floors for added effect. Below the slanted roofs, rooms reach a height of over 4 meters. The tower gives residents wide views over the surrounding city, overlooking the city center of Den Bosch on one side and the vast green pastures on the other. The Manhattan feeling.


BV Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Paleiskwartier
40,000 m² with 260 apartments, 1,500 m² of commercial space and 240 underground parking places
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
David Meijer, Tibor Kis, Stefan Lippert
2012 – 2017
Van de Ven Bouw en Ontwikkeling
Urban plan