LEV Snb Havenmeester


Harbour accent

Havenmeester10, Zutphen

At the tip of the new Noorderhaven district in Zutphen, stands a new apartment building of 6 to 8 storeys high, and 13 houses with access at ground level emerge following the design of LEVS. ‘Havenmeester10’ is built in de former industrial area situated in between the city centre and the river ‘de IJssel’. It holds a prominent position, being the tallest building and situated directly at the new harbour. The architecture reflects different aspects of the surroundings. The saw-tooth roofs, piers of vertical masonry, and large glass fronts hint at the industrial past. The distinctive white facades with white lines are typical of the cityscape of Zutphen.

Uitzicht op de haven

The apartment building is oriented to the mid-day sun and encompasses 34 spacious residences of 3- to 5-rooms, and a commercial plinth of 730 m². The royal balconies offer a splendid view of the harbour. The building is situated on top of a parking garage for the residents of the apartments.

Twee gevelconcepten

The houses are built in two streets that will differ in their appearance. The short block on the south side, across from the former industrial estates, exudes a robust atmosphere with its dark shade of masonry and horizontal lineation. The eight residences on the north side are distinct detached houses with white façades and white ornamentation.

Collectief groen

The inner area is a combination of private gardens and communal green. The houses of LEVS form one residential block together with two designs by De Zwarte Hond. This area used to be an industrial harbour, which was dismantled and dried up. Following the urban plan of KCAP, the harbour was reinstalled and filled with water towards the end of 2015.


Heijmans Vastgoed
34 apartments, 13 detached houses
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
Marco Rats, Martijn Tjassens Keiser, Raphael Naef, Bart Beentjes
2014 – 2018
Landscape design
LODEWIJK BALJON landschapsarchitecten
Marcel van der Burg, LEVS architecten