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Depot Friesland

First net energy-producing depot in NL

Depot Friesland, Leeuwarden

The joint collections of the Fries Museum, Tresoar, the Fryslân Museum of Natural History, the Frysian Maritime Museum, and the Frysk Lânbou Museum (Frysian Agricultural Museum) have been brought under one roof, in the Kolleksjesintrum Fryslân.

Innovative climate and storage concept

Together with LBP|SIGHT and Crown Fine Art, LEVS partners participated in an expert commission to develop an innovative climate control- and storage concept. A concept now reality. In order to create the desired climatic conditions for the protection of its heritage collections, the Kolleksjesintrum makes use of the earth’s natural accumulative potential, rather than technical equipment. In a departure from conventional practices, the various collections are merged and organized along respective climatic requirements.

Stable climate

Basic to the climatic concept are an airtight shell with an exceptionally high R-value of 10 m²K/W and a purposefully uninsulated concrete floor. That floor facilitates thermal accumulation in- and exchange with the earth. This keeps inside-temperatures and humidity remarkably stable year round. Combine this with only a minimum of technical installations, and the sum total 26 KW of power required for the entire depot competes with that of a single family home.

Sustainable in many facets

A central walkway connects the depot to a second volume with workspaces. An air-cooled heat-pump warms and cools the insulated strip that connects various facility rooms. Energy consumption is further minimized through the use of motion-detection sensors and LED lighting. Indeed, the 400 solar cells on the roof produce more electricity than the building requires.


The collections are kept in a ‘black box’ inside rust-colored walls of powder-coater aluminum. Slender ribs along the sides create niches which plants will fill up, blurring the boundary between building and landscape. By standing atop a large mound, the Kolleksjesintrum keeps its collections well above street- and water-levels.

Affordable and future-proof

The combination of solar energy and low energy requirements brings exploitation-costs down to only 50 percent of those of a ‘traditional’ depot. Thus, Frysian heritage has been given a safe, energy-generating home for many years to come.


Stichting Kolleksjesintrum Fryslân
2,000 m² depot, 1,000 m² facility rooms
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
Tom Padding, Thomas Wellink, Ulf Bjällerstedt
2014 – 2016
Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma
Expertteam innovatief concept: LEVS partners (procesmanagement, PvE, duurzaamheid en kosten), LBP|SIGHT (bouwfysica, energie, duurzaamheid en brandveiligheid), Crown Fine Art (beheer- en opslagconcepten en inventarisatie van de collecties), Galjema (installatie)
Landscape design
Marcel van der Burg, Laurens Kuipers