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De Zuid

At a stone’s throw from the ocean

De Zuid, Scheveningen

In the Scheveningen harbour, we are working on a special transformation, partly as coordinating architect and partly with our own designs. In 2013, we made the structural design. Over the coming years, the port will transform into a residential area with housing, shops, restaurants, leisure and fishing. With 400 apartments and ground-level homes, at a stone's throw from the dunes, the beach and the harbours.

Six phases

The South consists of multiple areas. The first two have been realized, the final design of the third is ready. ZuidDuin was the first to be realized. The ZuidDuin apartments are varied in height, plasticity and architecture, with spacious balconies and terraces. ZuidHaven, connects the activity on the water with the tranquility of the dunes. The third part of the plan, ZuidKade, lies on the northern corner facing the harbour and has a more industrial character. A sturdy residential building with great views of the harbour and the sea.

Green courts

The inner area of all phases with ground-bound homes is car-free and small-scale, with a great diversity of housing types and architecture. At various points along the residential streets and squares there are views of the dunes and harbour.

Collaborative architecture

Seven architectural firms designed the facades of the various buildings, creating a great architectural diversity. Thanks to extensive mutual coordination, they have both coherence and their own identity.


ZuidDuin: MRP Development; ZuidHaven & ZuidKade: De Zuid C.V. (MRP Development en VORM Ontwikkeling)
375 dwellings, 10,000 m² commercial space and 750 parking places
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
2013 –
ZuidDuin: Van Wijnen; ZuidHaven & ZuidKade: VORM
(Architectonische uitwerking appartementengebouwen) ZuidDuin (2018): Blok 1 LEVS architecten, Blok 2 Architectenbureau Marlies Rohmer, Blok 3 ONX architecten; ZuidHaven (2021): Blok A LEVS architecten, Blok B WE architecten; ZuidKade: Blok F Zecc Architecten, Blok G LEVS architecten; Binnengebied: Broos de Bruijn architecten, HOYT architecten
Urban plan
Landscape design
LEVS architecten, Your Captain Luchtfotografie
Artist impressions
Beeldenfabriek, LEVS architecten