Levsnb bouwmeester2

De Bouwmeester

A transgenerational wave

De Bouwmeester, Utrecht

At the edge of the Van Heukelom Park in Utrecht De Bouwmeester is a striking structure considering colour, shape and material. It is one of the anchor points of the renewal of this green lobe and the adjacent neighbourhood. The residential care building is one of the two ensembles at the edges of the park designed by LEVS architecten who also made the urban plan.

Golden and wavy

Despite 10,000 m2 GFA De Bouwmeester joins smoothly into its surroundings. On a warm coloured brick plinth the volume rises up from two to seven layers around a courtyard. Each 'step' offers space to set up a communal terrace with panoramic views of the surrounding greenery. The volume with its golden metal facades, rounded corners and undulating balconies houses a diverse social program.

Social mix

On the ground, first and partly on the second floor there are various living areas for residents requiring care. Above there is social housing. In combination with day care, nursery and acommunity centre at ground level, De Bouwmeester has a sustainable mix of social functions.

Common courtyard garden

The ground floor “flows” via large glass doors into a designed garden. Here meeting areas and spatial sight relations create a place where both, young and old, come together; protected and yet right in the society.


MITROS projectontwikkeling
10,000 m² care and living for seniors, child day-care centre, 30 apartments, neighbourhood centre
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
Stefan Lippert, Jelle van der Veen, Daan Goedhart, Ulf Bjällerstedt, Christiaan Schuit
2009 – 2013
ERA Contour
Urban plan
LEVS architecten
Marcel van der Burg, LEVS architecten