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Breehorn IJdoornlaan

Social and sustainable Breehorn

Breehorn IJdoornlaan, Amsterdam

Spacious, energy-efficient, new social housing within the Amsterdam ring road? It's possible. The three buildings of Breehorn renew the Waterlandplein area of the North-city with a social housing programme that includes generous living spaces, future-proof energy performance and a stylish, stately urban street facade. It is an answer to the integral challenges of Amsterdam: densification, sustainability and affordable living.

High-quality affordable living

The Breehorn ensemble fits into the urban plan by studio MUST and consists of three buildings: De Dammer, De Schaker and De Noordkop. It was designed for two different clients and realised by two different contractors. Yet they are of the same high quality, with beautiful materials that are stylishly combined in an open and dynamic design. Light entrance halls with voids welcome residents and visitors.

Behind shared entrances lies a range of housing types from compact three-room homes for starting families to six-room homes in maisonettes on the ground floor for larger families. The neighbourhood truly comes to life in a green strip that runs along the IJdoornlaan. Of a total of 290 homes, more than 80 percent is social rent, the rest is medium-priced rent.

Saving and generating energy

With an EPC of 0.04, the design for De Schaker in 2019 already met current BENG standards. In 2016, De Dammer performed more than twice as well, with an EPC of 0.15, as the then nom of 0.4. All this was made possible by solar panels on the roof - the energy of which goes directly to the tenants - triple glazing, the most powerful insulation on the market and high airtightness.

One architectural language

All three designs speak the same architectural language with strong lines, two-coloured masonry and a deep layering in the façade. The articulation gradually changes from vertical in the first plan to horizontal in the third. The buildings each consist of three volumes with different heights that form a distinctive unit for each project. Light masonry in the plinth connects the volumes. This creates a distinguished urban street wall.


De Dammer: Design & Build Dijkstra Draisma (Rochdale), De Schaker: Rochdale, De Noordkop: Stadgenoot
27,500 m² with 280 rental homes (82% social, 18% medium-term) including 2- and 3-room apartments 50-70 m² and maisonettes with 5 and 6 rooms of 110-140 m², 3 collective bicycle storages
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
De Dammer: Martijn Boer, Tom Padding, Christiaan Schuit, Sunny Jessurun; De Schaker: Raphael Naef, Tom Padding, Sietse Bolhuis; De Noordkop: Dennis Meijerink, Bart Beentjes, Tom Padding
2015 – 2020
De Dammer en De Schaker: Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma, De Noordkop: Van Wijnen
Urban plan