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Cruquius - 2Peer

Home-sharing in the new city

Cruquius - 2Peer, Amsterdam

At just a stone's throw from our office, LEVS made the design for 2Peer. Together with De Bocht (‘the curve’) and De Loods (‘the warehouse’), the project forms De Binnenbocht (‘the inner curve’) in the development area of ​​Cruquius, eastern Amsterdam.

Hinge between old and new

The building stands in the green heart of Cruquius Island. Here you can taste all the qualities that the former industrial island will soon offer: urban density, green space, old and new, exciting views. A place where you can relax on the terrace of the brewery with the open water of the Entrepothaven around the corner.

2Peer is located on the border to the Insulinde site with small-scale buildings from 1919. At this location, the new building is the hinge between the existing buildings at the Insulinde location on the inner curve and the Sigma location on the outer curve with the characteristic paint factory from 1958.

Informal green

The brick façade with steel beams connects the industrial atmosphere with the brick architecture of the surrounding new buildings. With its rounded corners, the building is informally in the green, thus responding to the many directions that converge here.

Sharing a home

In the 24 friends apartments from 70 to 105 m², two and three residents share a living kitchen and outdoor space, but each has its own large living room of 20-25 m²with private bathroom. Sliding louvres on the façade form a dynamic image, while at the same time providing privacy for the residents, just like the raised ground floor.


3,400 m² with 24 shared apartments, indoor parking garage with 13 parking spaces
Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt, Marianne Loof
Surya Steijlen, Tibor Kis, Dennis Meijerink, Eerde van Leeuwen, Daan Goedhart, Christiaan Schuit
2015 – 2020
Public space design
Buro Lubbers