We love complex assignments that require insight and an innovative approach. Through years of experience with construction processes, -techniques and their costs, we have developed the vision and flexibility required to handle them. Growing amounts of available data facilitate our design process. At LEVS, we continuously strive for innovations in materials, improvements in the efficient use of sparse urban spaces, and ways to accelerate construction processes or to extend the lifespan of houses. Innovation and love for building have anchored themselves in our DNA.

Realistic idealism

We are flexible and outward looking when it comes to creating meaningful connections. Our optimistic approach leads us to solve apparent contradictions into unified visions. Our convictions are strong and realistic. They make for solution-oriented collaborations with clients and building partners. We call our approach: realistic idealism.


Every assignment is unique and demands its own form of collaboration. We readily move back and forth between appropriate approaches, between design- or construction teams, or from classical to intensive chain-collaboration. We work together closely with our many trusted partners, investors, advisors and builders, allowing us to make quick decisions and bring the best know-how to bear on our designs. Always open to new challenges. Our curiosity and wide field of interest fuel our ability to innovate, and the pleasure we take in doing so.

A fluent working process is always the result of a well thought-through production chain. That is why with each new project, we take great care in organizing this and in determining our role. The dynamic set-up of our office and in-depth knowledge of working processes allow us to always find the collaborative strategies that lead to the best result.


LEVS is a full-service BIM office. We set up our projects in BIM from the very start. By building our urban plans up in an intelligent way, we can generate the data necessary to investigate feasibility.

While working on the architectural design, we make sure to circulate the available information among our collaborators and advisors, in order to ensure an integral decision-making process. Throughout the design and execution phases, we continue to update many of our projects in BIM.