LEVS is an ambitious company with a passionate and international team. We are constantly working to improve the quality of life in cities, in the Netherlands and abroad. We do not shy away from the major themes of our time. Urban densification and sustainability, social building and improving the quality of life, we show that it is possible. Always on the cutting edge of urban planning and architecture. Our love for the craft of the profession goes from brick to nature-inclusive design and contributing to the BIM ILS D&E. We have been standing for that for over 30 years. It ensures that we not only dream, but also actually build.

LEVS wants to make sure that increasingly complex and changing cities continue to be welcoming environments to people. Read our view on:
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The partner team

In 2021, Surya Steijlen and Christiaan Schuit have been appointed partner at LEVS architecten. Together with Marianne Loof, Adriaan Mout and Jurriaan van Stigt, they will lead the realisation of our ambitions in complex urban challenges. It allows us to meet the challenges of the future with the inspiration and vision of a younger generation.

Get to know Surya and Chris in this film:


We go beyond the design, and always ask how our ambitions can be realized in innovative ways. With architectural and technical quality, and as sustainable as possible. We might investigate new energetic concepts in depots or devise a new way to use an existing raw material, as in our system for demountable wooden construction elements. We are developing circular products such as pressed earth-blocks, and we combine materials into high-quality and esthetic prefab-elements such as galvanized aluminum facade plates. These are the kinds of things that make us happy. Because the best kind of innovation combines beauty with sustainability and innovation.


Our many international projects give us a broad understanding of urban development worldwide. They show us that architecture is always the result of a wide range of forces, needs and constraints. Our global perspective relativizes the role of the architect, who operates in a context of clients, users and wider societies.

Since 2014, we have been working on residential complexes in Russian cities such as Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. In an environment where efficiency and climate-control are the primary concerns, we introduce a more integral way of thinking about architecture, urban planning and landscaping. In Mali and Mauritania, we design urban plans that focus on creating affordable housing. Yet in all of these international assignments, we draw from local knowledge, culture and contexts to create designs that meet the needs of lives lived in each of these places.

Additionally, we use our partnerships to develop sustainable solutions that can be realized locally, such as the hydraulically compressed earth blocks (HCEB) in Mali.

Since 2005, we have been non-commercially making designs for the foundation Partners Pays Dogon. PPD works to improve knowledge exchange on education, on restoring cultural heritage and improving agricultural production and water management in the Dogon area, a UNESCO world heritage site in Mali, West Africa. Our designs contribute to the development of this society. Always with respect for the existing local cultural context.

Working at LEVS

Working at LEVS means working and learning with passion. Passion for designing and building. For working in a team and on your own personal growth. Passion for gaining and sharing knowledge. Together, in our spacious building on the Cruquius-island in Amsterdam. Our bright and open office invites collaboration.


Architecture is teamwork. Our team works, learns and shares. Projects, knowledge and fun. It is like a small community, where we all share the stage. The LEVS Academy offers a wide variety of internal trainings. We lovingly invest in our human capital. Because only together, we are LEVS.


Working with us is challenging. Show us who you are. We are eager to hear from you.