LEVS is continuously working on improving the liveability of cities, both at home and abroad. We do this from over 30 years of experience and with a diverse and international team. Our views are strong and realistic. We stand for solution-oriented collaborations with our clients and all construction partners. We call our approach realistic idealism.

Architecture is teamwork. Working in our team therefore means working within a close-knit community. A community in which we can learn from each other and make new discoveries together. We are constantly building on this. By visiting construction sites, holding internal presentations and going on excursions at home and abroad. In this way we stay abreast of what everyone is working on, where cross-pollination is possible and where the knowledge and skills in the field are moving to, or coming from. We work on the inspiring and rugged Cruquius Island in Amsterdam. A transformation area where we ourselves have extensively participated in designing. Our warm and open office invites you to work together. We invest with love in our human capital. Because together we are LEVS.


Surya Steijlen and Christiaan Schuit joined LEVS architects as partners in 2021. Together with Marianne Loof, Adriaan Mout and Jurriaan van Stigt, they will lead the realization of our ambitions in complex urban assignments. In this way, we can optimally use the inspiration and vision of a younger generation for the challenges of the future.


LEVS engineering

We invest in our knowledge position in the field of digital innovation and elaboration. We are now a leader in BIM and data-driven design. We participate in the development of standards for the entire construction chain, so that everyone can make clear agreements with each other and the quality remains high. Whoever we work with, we provide the necessary technical knowledge tools. From the sketch phase to technical elaboration.

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LEVS international

International projects give us a broad perspective on urban developments worldwide. Since 2014 we have been working on housing projects in several cities in Russia.* Where efficiency and climate prevail, we introduce an integrated approach to architecture, urban planning and landscape. In Mali and Mauritania, we are creating urban development plans with a focus on affordable housing. In all international assignments we combine local knowledge, culture and context with our experience; designing in high density while maintaining the human scale. Since 2005 we have been designing buildings without remuneration for the Partners Pays Dogon foundation. This foundation focuses on sharing knowledge of education, cultural heritage, agriculture and water in the Unesco World Heritage and inhospitable Dogon region in Mali. We want to contribute with our architecture to the development of this society. With respect for the existing, special culture.

*In february 2022 we discontinued all our activities in Russia, due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Read more about this decision here.