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ZuidDuin almost ready

23 October 2018

Levsnb 165

The view of the sea and the beach, the dunes as a front garden and on the upper floors a view to the horizon. With this inspiration we made the design of our apartment building in ZuidDuin, the first of a total of six building ensembles in the large urban plan De Zuid in Scheveningen. ZuidDuin consists of several apartment buildings and detached houses. A team of five architects has designed the various facades. LEVS, as coordinating architect, monitored the coherence and worked out a total of 85 apartments and 14 detached houses.
For those who walk through the dunes during these warm autumn days, the result will gradually rise with every step, the prelude to the new maritime district of De Zuid. ZuidHaven, the second phase of De Zuid, is currently on sale.

Coordinating architect and architectural elaboration:
LEVS architecten
Architectural elaboration:
Block 1: LEVS architecten
Block 2-3: Architectenbureau Marlies Rohmer
Block 4: ONX architecten
Detached houses: Broos de Bruijn architecten and HOYT architecten