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Renewal of the Waterlandplein neighbourhood

26 June 2020

LEVS Breehorn nb

De Schaker and De Noordkop have now also been completed three years after the completion of De Dammer. The three buildings stand as a majestic ‘family’ along the IJdoornlaan in Amsterdam North. With 290 social rental homes - from compact three-room homes for the starting family, five-room homes, to ground floor maisonettes for larger families - they are an important part of the urban renewal of the Waterlandplein neighbourhood.

For this ensemble we worked together with two different clients and two different contractors. And despite the difference in forms of cooperation, changing construction costs and construction methodology, the three buildings are of the same high quality.

In addition to a rich architectural appearance, much attention was also paid to sustainability. With five times as many solar panels as needed, De Dammer already achieved an EPC of 0.15 in 2017. The Schaker is designed according to BENG and with an EPC of 0.04 again much more energy efficient than De Dammer.

Client De Dammer: Design & Build Dijkstra Draisma (Rochdale)

Client De Schaker: Rochdale

Client De Noordkop: Stadgenoot

June 2020