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Second apartment building Breehorn under construction

23 October 2018

Levsnb breehorn2

Almost Energy Neutral Buildings, from 2020 this is a legal requirement. LEVS already now often designs according to that and Breehorn 2 - De Schaker - is the first building being constructed. The apartment building is particularly energy-efficient with a remarkably low EPC of 0.04, a tenth of the requirement. This is achieved mainly by passive measures such as triple glazing, high-quality insulation and high airtightness. De Schaker is family of De Dammer that was delivered in 2017. Together with a third LEVS building, they will soon form a strong urban wall along the IJdoornlaan in Amsterdam-Noord. All three designs speak the same architectural language with powerful lines, two colored masonry and a deep layering in the fa├žade. The articulation gradually changes from vertical in the first plan to horizontal in the third. The foundation piles of Breehorn 2 are placed and the building will be at height in spring.