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Apartment residents Juvenaatlaan are satisfied

21 February 2019

Levsnb juvenaatlaan 19 1

"The architect has created something beautiful when it comes to the variation in façades and windows," said one of the new residents of the buildings (building’s or building?) ensemble Juvenaatlaan in Etten-Leur. Another noted that the apartment was beautiful and more spacious than expected. And: "The large balcony is nice, it fits our entire garden furniture set." That’s what we like to hear. In the autumn of 2018, the developing contractor Hazenberg completed the 74 life-time apartments, within two and a half years after our first sketch.

The three compact and all-round buildings are carefully embedded in a rolling (waving?) wadi landscape. Sometimes you have a view of a meadow, and sometimes of a water biotope. Now the landscape is still dry, but we could not wait until spring arrives. Therefore, here is a nice impression of the plan on a clear winter day.

Client: Hazenberg Bouw