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S&P designs landscape Groot Hartje in Eindhoven

12 April 2022

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S&P Landscape Architecture made the design for the landscape of Groot Hartje in Eindhoven. LEVS and S&P know each other from our projects in Russia. With project Groot Hartje, we have the opportunity to work together in the Netherlands as well. Glad that we can meet in real live again!

The landscape design of Groot Hartje is a typical inner-city assignment, in which biodiversity, water retention, roof gardens and mixed uses come together on a complex site. S&P made a design for not one but three different landscapes within the plan:

The public garden

An old plane tree stands at the corner of the plot. It will be preserved and made part of a flowery and relaxing garden. The garden is publicly accessible, but must also offer a high degree of intimacy and tranquillity in this busy place next to the Philips stadium. Therefore, we will make an elegant and transparent fence to create the feeling of a Parisian city park on the street.

The residents' garden

One level higher is the roof garden for residents. There is a greenhouse there that can be seen from the street. The basic set-up of the garden is simple, because residents are given the opportunity to flesh it out themselves. Someone can start a vegetable garden in the large plant pots or in the greenhouse, sow a flower strip around the picnic table, or maintain a fruit tree.

The green building

The gardens will be led up along the fa├žades to green roofs. Sturdy climbing plants will soon connect the balconies and bring the greenery close to the dwellings at height. On the high roofs there is moss sedum. The roofs are used to catch and retain rainwater and channel it into the gardens for use throughout the year.