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Parkstad Block S, a new height accent in district Rotterdam Zuid

07 November 2019

Levsnb parkstad 19 1

The definitive design of the new Parkstad Block S in the district of Rotterdam Zuid, designed by LEVS, has been completed. The building is part of a new master plan impacted by NPRZ and Feyenoord City.

The block contains a wide variety of social rental housing types, with 106 apartments and 25 single-family homes. In the middle of the universally oriented block, sheltered from the street, there is a court with private gardens and a communal garden where the residents can meet. In this inner area, there is also a two-storey, semi-recessed parking facility with an open deck with an overgrown pergola. The plinth of the gallery block provides space for a social use, a hospitality facility and other communal functions.

The outer facade is made of one expressive brick. The stone is incorporated horizontally and vertically in a braid pattern and gives the tower a universal, moving skin. Check out the project here.

Client: Vestia