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Optimistic architecture at Podium location Amsterdam

27 January 2021

LEVS Podiumlocatie ai Binnenplein min

Ben Ingwersen's old Calvijn College in Amsterdam West will be preserved. And we couldn’t be happier about that! It means that right next to this beautiful example of New Objectivity architecture we can make an equally optimistic design. The result is a calm volume, with clear horizontal articulation, large windows that provide the homes with plenty of daylight, and light materialization of ceramic elements. A clever recess around the auditorium connects two green areas on the north side. Spacious entrance halls lead to a courtyard garden with full ground. This greening returns on the outside in the form of planters and climbing plants that form themselves to the ridges of the concrete facade. The plan has already been presented to the Building Inspectorate, and the selection of the contractor has begun.

Client: Syntrus