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Construction Bensdorp nearly finished

21 February 2019

Levsnb bensdorp 19 1a

In spite of the snow, the construction of the former chocolate factory Bensdorp in Bussum continued steadily, because the first buildings have to be ready in early March. A walk through the new building ensemble already shows how new and old - interpretation, reconstruction and restoration - come together. The original black columns of cast iron from 1905, at that time the most modern construction material on the market, are back in their old place in the rebuilt volume near the railway track, albeit being supported with a new reinforced concrete core. Keystones adorn the tops of this actually new façade. These 'crowns' of concrete are partly original and partly of prefabricated concrete, which can be identified by the slightly different color. There, and also in the restored façade and eaves of the former ‘Bros’ chocolate bar factory building, brand-new extruder molded bricks have been used, specially developed to fit the original bricks in terms of shape, color and structure.

Client: Noordersluis Bouwgroep