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Design for Centrumgebied Amsterdam-Noord

03 June 2021

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In the area around the northern station of Amsterdam's North-South metro line, a lot of hard work is being done to create a lively urban core with living, working and entertainment: the Amsterdam-North Centre Area (CAN). Within the urban plan for the station square and commissioned by SAREF, we are designing an elongated residential block on lot Z along the square. Two urban towers on either side embrace an intimate courtyard garden, and the wide, shallow dwellings allow for a great deal of light to enter and flexible arrangements to be made. A double-high plinth with elegant facades connects living, stores, restaurants and square life. The zigzagging fa├žade on the station side creates a small noise-free side with loggias. Materials, rhythm and layout together ensure that CAN plot Z fits in with the character of this location: the transitional area from rural to modern North and from Amsterdam School to contemporary high-rise. The start of construction has been celebrated, on to the highest point!

Client: SAREF

Impressions: Beeldenfabriek