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Positive reception to design Dickensplaats

21 February 2019

Levsnb dickensplaats 19 1a

In mid-January, the local residents of the Dickensplaats in the Utrecht district of De Halve Maan were invited to explore the latest developments of this plan. LEVS is commissioned by Mitros to design 48 social houses in a green setting: 24 senior apartments and, for this district atypical, 24 single-family homes. The district is characterized by open building blocks with green courtyards, but being the inner area of ​​the largest block, Dickensplaats is filled with garage boxes. But this is going to change; a small, green neighbourhood is created within a larger area. The plan connects with the post-war architecture of the surrounding apartments in a contemporary, refined way and has an autonomous character at the same time. A popular design, apparent from the positive reactions during the bustling information evening. One of those was for example: "It is nice that the asphalted surface (lijkt me goed) with garage boxes will disappear and be replaced by a green inner area." In about a year the construction will start, in 2021 the neighbourhood will gain a fitting housing ensemble.

Opdrachtgever: Mitros