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New ensemble Robijnhof in Leiden for housing and care

23 October 2018

Levsnb robijnhof1

LEVS collaborates with De Nijs Projectontwikkeling in a Design & Build assignment for the new Robijnhof in Leiden. The location of a strongly outdated residential and care center is being redeveloped in phases into an ensemble of 120 life-proof apartments, five psychogeriatric housing groups for Altera Vastgoed and Stichting Libertas and 15 detached houses for private sale. LEVS has a great deal of expertise in the area of housing in combination with light to intensive care. Recent projects are De Bouwmeester in Utrecht and the residential care building Anklaar in Apeldoorn. The project in Leiden is currently in the final design phase.

Assignment: Design & Build with M.J. de Nijs Projectontwikkeling for Altera Vastgoed and Stichting Libertas Leiden