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Masterclass BIM: De Bocht as practical example

23 October 2018

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Eight years ago we started at LEVS with the first BIM protocols, IFC exchange and clashes. Meanwhile, BIM can no longer be ignored from the Dutch construction industry. At LEVS, BIM has been developed at all scale levels and we model along with suppliers of building components such as prefabricated facades. As a permanent partner of KUBUS we are close to the latest developments in BIM and we were invited as a speaker for the annual Masterclass. We discussed working methodology and the transition from design to implementation and production phase and finally to an ‘as built’ model. Together with our designing and executing BIM partners, we took the 200 participants on a virtual reality tour through practical example De Bocht. In the meantime, there is already something to see at the actual location: The construction of De Binnenbocht on the Cruquiusweg has started.