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Marianne Loof in The Hague

26 June 2020

Den Haag

From May 2020, Marianne Loof is the new chairman of the Welstands- en Monumentencommissie in The Hague. She succeeds Rens Schulze. The Hague is a modern city full of cultural history and a large number of (national) monuments. But The Hague also has great ambitions for densification and transformation.

“With LEVS we are working on plans with strong ambitions,” explains Marianne. “But I also find it very challenging and important to make a contribution to the cityscape and the 'public affair'. I was allowed to do that in Amsterdam between 2011 and 2017 as chairman of the CRK. The Hague is another exciting challenge. The city motto ‘compaction, greening and sustainability’ and the high-rise vision demand quality and good integration with the cultural-historical heritage of the city. I will work together with a team of enthusiastic and expert committee members and an experienced secretariat.”

June 2020