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Luxury Village - Form follows nature

23 October 2018

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Close to the Russian city of Kazan, LEVS designs a village with 76 luxury villas on a plot in the large birch forests. Our client Unistroy was open for a new strategy: respecting the existing nature instead of chopping trees and flattening the terrain. Keeping as many trees as possible became the starting point of our design. The waving and sloping terrain of the plot is crossed by a dried river bed. Alongside that gully a gated community with seven villas will be the first out of three neighbourhoods which will be developed. Each villa will have a specific layout fusing the natural benefits of each spot.
Luxury Village is the second project we designed for Unistroy following up the urban plan of Machaon Valley in Kazan, winner of an international design competition.

Client: Unistroy