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LEVS designs South Strip in Haarlem Schalkstad

26 June 2020

LEVS Schalkstad4

LEVS architecten and the Schalkstad Zuid development combination have been working on the Schalkstad Zuidstrook project since 2016. What started as a minor intervention on the site has grown into an ambitious and complex urban transformation.

The design for an urban ensemble with two city blocks and three residential towers is part of Jo Coenen’s master plan for the revitalization of the Schalkwijk shopping center and forms the north wall of the central market square. The residential park is compact in design, yet the buildings with their light brick façades stand relaxed in the green. The buildings are located above an underground parking garage that runs underneath the entire location. The structure of the buildings has a great measure of flexibility to accommodate a variable program. The architecture of the new buildings reflects various architectural features of the surrounding buildings from the 1960s. A horizontal articulation with unambiguous use of materials gives cohesion to the ensemble. The height of the buildings is nuanced by the different setbacks in the volume.

Client: Development combination Schalkstad South (HBB Group, Hoorne Vastgoed)

June 2020