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LEVS designs The OX in Amsterdam Osdorp

07 November 2019

Levsnb ox 19 1

For the plot of an outdated office building at the Osdorper Ban in Amsterdam, LEVS designs the new residential building The OX for the medium-prize rental sector.

The OX contains a large number of two-room apartments of approximately 60 m². The vertical points of ascent are placed at the inner corners of the block. They are surrounded by three-room apartments of approximately 75 m². The volume climbs gradually from six to nine layers. On the ground floor, there are both two-storey apartments and friends-houses, with private gardens. The transitions to the public spaces are carefully designed by means of low garden walls, with a hedge behind them. This creates a vibrant plinth. The semi-public courtyard is of major proportions and will be filled with terraces and flowering plant zones.

The architecture of the building is characterized by a square concrete grid with different interpretations and refers to the post-war housing context. Due to the material differences, cantilevered balconies and bay windows, the building has been given a subtle articulation on the north, west and south side. Check out the project here.

Client: Van Wijnen Projectontwikkeling Midden