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LEVS designs CAN Kavel Z

21 February 2019

Levsnb cankavelz 19 1a

Commissioned by Syntrus Achmea, LEVS is working on the design of more than 160 mid-high rental apartments on Kavel Z. The 15,000 m² building is part of CAN, the Centrumplan Amsterdam Noord, and will soon form the southern wall of the new station square at the end of the Noord/Zuidlijn. The two height accents mark this central location, that will become the northern gateway to Amsterdam and that connects regional transport with the city. As with the other developments in the CAN area, the façade is subdivided in differing buildings. Yet, the focus lies on a good balance between variation and harmony of the whole composition. The building consists of four different pawns (klopt, denk ik) with their own rhythm and façade division. The bands and piers vary in a playful way within a fixed pattern, therefore forming a unity. On the ground floor there are commercial spaces with double floor height at the square side and an indoor parking garage with bicycle storage. Above, two and three-room dwellings are surrounding a landscaped courtyard.

Client: Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance