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LEVS and Zecc design ZuidKade, The Hague

14 December 2021

LEVS De Zuid vogelvlucht min
LEVS Zuid Kade situatie min1
LEVS Zuid Kade ai1 Beeldenfabriek min
LEVS Zuid Kade ai6 Beeldenfabriek min

We are working on a special transformation at the Scheveningen harbor, partly as a coordinating architect and partly with our own designs. De Zuid will be a real maritime residential area. Built in several phases. After ZuidDuin and ZuidHaven, we designed the third part of the plan together with Zecc Architects: ZuidKade.

ZuidKade is upside down and has a more industrial character. A sturdy residential building with a great view of the harbor and the sea. Designed in conjunction, each with its own part. The final design is ready. Our partner Christiaan Schuit talks about this in this video.

Client: De Zuid C.V. (MRP Development and VORM Development)

Impression: Beeldenfabriek