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Last Cobouw column Adriaan, Jurriaan takes over

13 July 2021

LEVS nb verdichten verduurzamen blauw

After almost three years Adriaan stops as a columnist for Cobouw. These were years in which the challenges of urban densification, one of Adriaan's favorite themes, gained momentum. This led to reflections on the financial incentives that thwart innovation (Volume is money), the way in which densification can lead to a greener, more social living environment (Small but beautifull, Ghost Housing), and how even our new data-driven life requires architectural solutions (Data Centers and Kitchen Tabels). ). "Inner-city building [is] becoming more complex and we rightly want all kinds of things in this new era. Many more homes that are simultaneously larger, more sustainable and more affordable." Once again, the architect proved to be a crucial creative link in all these interrelated questions from society, while still often enough not having a say at the table (Always an housing shortage). In any case, our own response proved not to be static: "The skyline within our firm is also changing. Styrofoam towers now form the horizon from our workplaces." And that provides the necessary insights. Jurriaan will continue with these from the summer onwards, in a new series of columns on how we can make the built environment more sustainable. Read the first one here.