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Iconic silhouette in Russian city of Tomsk

23 October 2018

Levsnb tomsk2 02

The project with the yet uninspired name Plot 2, referring to the second plot that we are designing in Tomsk, is one of the major developments in Tomsk. Three towers with a height of 75 meters on top of two blocks will form an iconic silhouette that will be recognized from all over the city. As the housing market of Tomsk seems to be saturated with standard Russian floorplans, we developed on special request of our client TDSK a concept with an outstanding variety of floorplans based on the typical Dutch housing typology. The project for 600 apartments has different public, semi-public and private outside spaces, one of which is the roof landscape that is accessible for residents, a unique feature in Tomsk. This week we are presenting the project on the congress for the regional design and building industry in Tomsk.

Client: TDSK Tomsk House Building Company