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Home is where the heart is

11 October 2021

LEVS Solnechniy Q4 ai1

We have finished our design for Quarter 4 of Solnechniy in Yekaterinburg. We worked out the initial grid-masterplan into a fine-grained neighbourhood that transitions seamlessly into a public park.

Key interventions were breaking the lines of sight to create intimacy and introduce mid-size communal squares between blocks. Next we diversified the massing and distributed specific programmes in such a way as to create distinct urban areas. The central area is a pedestrian shopping street aligned by legible buildings that clearly differ in façade style, colour and rhythm. We decided to dissolve part of the residential blocks into freestanding urban villas. A real novelty in this type of setting. And what’s more: by placing typical house-shaped volumes on the rooftops, we’re making our credo of ‘home is where the heart is’ physical and visible.

Client: First Trest