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HCEB gets a foothold to the cities

21 February 2019

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Our first project in the city of Bamako is completed. At the fringe of the Malian capital ten social houses were the spin-off to bringing our ten year’s knowledge of designing and building with hydraulically compressed earth blocks (HCEB) from the villages to the city, from small-scale projects like primary schools to extended assignments of significant scale: In Bamako our design of social houses serves as prototype for further developments there. In the city of Mopti, we implement our specific experience of using HCEB in the construction process of a Physical Rehabilitation Centre which is initiated, financed and supervised by the International Red Cross. In the up-coming months LEVS will organize workshops for HCEB production and masonry training in Mauritania and Nigeria which will be followed up by the construction of one hundred houses and a school designed by LEVS in the cities of Rosso and Chami.