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Stacking façades at De Bocht

07 November 2019

Levsnb bocht 19 2b

Next to our office, De Bocht on the Cruquiusweg in Amsterdam is way under construction. Convenient, because in this way, a mini office excursion to the construction site is easily arranged. Throughout this excursion, we were specially focused on the practical implementation of the prefab facade of De Bocht. The project with apartments, town houses and commercial spaces will be constructed without scaffolding to a height of almost fifty meters. All façade elements - there are roughly a thousand - are completely assembled in the factory. Half of them are sandwich elements; the complete package with concrete, masonry, insulation, window frames, glass and façade grilles. Once the assembly is running wel, the manufacturer will send three transports per day to the construction site. The builder will install eight to ten elements per day. Check out the project here.

Client: Amvest