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Video: the silos on the roof of The Harbour Club

03 June 2021

LEVS The Harbour Club silotransport min

On May 8, the day finally arrived: the old wine silos that we transformed into single-family homes were hoisted onto the roof of project The Harbour Club. Five years ago we imagined that the three discarded old silos could be given a second life as homes. When we also saw an opportunity to put them on top of the high roof of one of our projects on the Cruquius Island, it was clear: We were going for it! It was an exceptional job, in all respects. But now that they are there we know for sure: this is an icon for the entire area and its industrial past. Moreover, it shows what special things are possible when we reuse and revalue what history has left for us. And of course this applies just as much to the original warehouse that houses The Harbour Club restaurant. Watch the video!