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Design of second Tomsk project completed

21 February 2019

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The sketch design for our second project in Tomsk is completed. Eight urban villas and a large L-shaped housing block will be built on a spot which is framed by river banks and the busy traffic scene of two avenues. The sloping terrain was starting point for the design concept. Twenty meters of height difference led to a terraced structure for underground parking, positioning of the urban villas and a semi-public landscape. The existing green character will be kept in the design to create a pleasant living environment which is protected from the traffic noise by the housing block that forms a ‘wall’. Unlike the typical fenced sports fields, here the playgrounds and sports field are fully integrated in the landscape. The coloured façades refer to the surrounding. Red-brownish tones make the wall strong and urban, the green shades of the urban villas fit to the landscape and create a relaxed atmosphere. Both types are adapted to the human scale by the horizontal subdivision of the colours. Elements such as white accents, the light concrete plinth of the wall and towers that cantilever refine the design.

Client: TDSK Tomsk House Building Company