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The reconstruction today: Dickensplaats, Utrecht

14 December 2021

LEVS Dickensplaats1 min
LEVS Dickensplaats locatie min
LEVS Dickensplaats dakaanzicht min
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A paragon of post-war reconstruction, the Halve Maan neighborhood in Utrecht is considered a model by the Cultural Heritage Agency. For us, densification here also means paying close attention to the existing qualities. To then mix these with the demands of our time: densification, sustainability and greening. The paved courtyard with garage boxes is transformed into a green residential area.

Now that the scaffolding has been removed, only public space and landscape remain. But the result already looks good! Living at ground level, living galleries, deep recesses and fine detailing. With PVT panels on the roof (coupled power and heat production) and air source heat pumps, we had already met the BENG in 2019.

Client: Mitros