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The social city in focus

03 June 2021

LEVS Breehorn sociale stad1 min
LEVS Breehorn sociale stad3 min
LEVS Breehorn sociale stad2 min

Our Breehorn IJdoornlaan project was nominated for the Golden A.A.P. 2021. As an informal "runner up," in the words of alderman Songül Mutluer (Zaanstad), behind strong winner Westbeat by Studioninedots and Lingotto, we are only too happy with this appreciation for the urgent task of high-quality, affordable housing in the city.

It’s a good reason to take a look at the building again and to find out how things are going with the building, the neighborhood and the residents. Has it indeed succeeded in creating real social quality of life here, both at the level of one's own home and of the building and its surroundings as a whole? If we are to believe the (neighborhood) residents, definitely! See here our short photo report.